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GREAT READ!!!! I ️️love how the author took everyday situations that people are going through and showed how if you incorporated GOD in your life anything is possible. Patiently waiting for next release. V. Llyod


This book is definitely a page turner. It keeps you guessing and interested, all while focusing on faith and relationships. If you're looking for a good read, this is the one!  - Celeste C. 


Just finished the book .... what a great read ... when's the next

one ? soooo Ford really called the popo on Bena ... omg.. I'm going

to die from suspense...  is Bena going to give Benjamin a

chance ? Will Neke come bk from Miami???? Heeeeeeeeeelp!!!!  B. Anderson

"Leave Me Alone"

I couldn't put the book down

until I finished it! It drew me in until I felt like I was best friends with Bena and was right there

in the action.  I can't wait to see how the story unfolds!  Ms.

Brown keeps you so engaged you feel like the characters are your family and friends. I could feel

the genuine kindness from Benjamin and wanted to knock Ford's teeth down his throat all within a few pages!  L. Matlock


This is another great book, I love how it put you right in the middle of the screen ,with every detail drawing you in. You turn every page with anticipation. Can wait for part two. This is a hard book to put down. -F. Hunter

              "MADE INTERCESSOR"

This book was humbling, exciting, heartfelt and promising. It put you  in touch with a number of feelings. But I liked the patience and love that Byron had with Shy. At any cost he wanted to lead her to Christ. Wonderful book, looking forward to the next one. May God bless you!!! Continue to present Jesus as you lift God up as he draw us all near. -F. Hunter


This book is good.. I'm almost already done with it 🤣🤣

I finished the book and waiting for the other one!!!!! I like it!!

- Devin W

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